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Brasília - The Capital of All People


Twelve Brazilian cities will host 2014 FIFA’s World Cup. Only one is the country’s capital. Only one was awarded, nearly 26 years ago, by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the title of World Heritage Site. This city is Brasilia, the capital of all Brazilians, the first modern monument to be included in the list of mankind’s material possessions.


Building Brasília was a work of many challenges. Constructed in the middle of the country’s Central Plateau, in just three and a half years, the capital is a result of hard work of thousands of men and women who came here from many different corners of the country to uncover the cerrado (typical local wild fauna) and turn into reality the plane(or butterfly)-shaped planned city.

It was simple people, the so-called candangos (African term that means “ordinary”, “simple”, “plain”), who turned, in record time, Lucio Costa’s delicate and powerful urban plan and Oscar Niemeyer’s unlikely symmetric architecture into an elegant and modern city. Brasilia is a complete artistic expression of the Modern Movement. Its architecture and urbanism partners with Burle Marx’ landscaping, as well as with works of art of great expression, which can be seen in public spaces and buildings.

The capital was born from the dream of thousands of Brazilians and today, on the eve of becoming 53 years old, is proud of being the synonymous of functionality and quality of life, with a modern structure of hotels and services. It is fifth most popular destination for tourists in Brazil, people who want to know different accents, rhythms and traditions that represent the rich culture of this continental country.


Brasilia is the reflection of true Brazilianity, the diversity of Brazilian people. Under a sky that seems to involve the city even below the horizon line, all traditions, beliefs, artistic and cultural events meet. The capital is also a home to thousands of foreigners who work for all the embassies installed here.

The “brasilienses” (People who are born in Brasília) of birth and/or heart, are the ones who keep alive the utopia of a city open to all who want to settle here and build their own history.


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Athos Bulcão - Painel de Azulejos do Mercado das Flores, Brasília, 1989